OEM: integrate the most efficient heat recovery technology to your cooling systems:


  • Much more than a classical desuperheater: 


Traditional heat recovery systems only recover desuperheating phase from hot gases, which represents less than 20% of the total recoverable energy. The heat exchange temperature is not mastered: it depends of ambient conditions, and there is a performance gap from a season to another.

Boostherm heat recovery system recovers all the condensation heat generated by the cooling unit. This enables to heat up water very quickly at a minimum temperature of 55°C even in difficult conditions, all year round.


  • The Dual Condense patented Technology:

1. «Water condenser» mode:

The heat recovery system condenses all the refrigerant gas using the cold water from the water tank. It recovers all the heat rejected by the cooling unit to heat up water very quickly to a minimum temperature of 55°C, whatever the ambient temperature. Fans are stopped.

2. “Desuperheating» mode:Moduleshem-2

When all the water has been preheated, fans are switched on. The heat recovery system continues heating up the water (gas desuperheating phase); water can reach a temperature of 65 / 70°C in summer. The system runs within the operating envelope of the compressors (pressure and temperature); Water condensation improves the compressor efficiency in summer and avoids high pressure cut-off.

The 24bars HP safety pressostat restarts ventilation in case of water circuit dysfunction: priority is given to refrigeration.